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Concept store "Le Gendre Idéal"



Locations :

Lamballe, France


Studio HLG - Hélène Le Goff & Lille H.

Wood Species



From clothing store for women to a fashionable, warm men’s clothing storeIt all started in July of 2018, when two men had the idea to convert an existing women’s clothing store into a new, contemporary men’s shop. It didn’t take long before the concept store “Le Gendre Idéal” was created. At “Le Gendre Idéal”, the customer experience, a varied assortment, a beautiful interior and personal service are priorities.

Warm atmosphere with wood
When you walk into the store, you immediately feel the warm, homey atmosphere. This is due to the right colours and various wood elements that make the interior into one whole.

The stairs, the truck parts on the wall, the wooden sign and the shelves in the store were all finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C, in a custom-made colour. The colour is a mix of the colours Bourbon, Ice Brown and Smoke 5%. By mixing these colours, the perfect colour that the customer had in mind was created.

How do you get to know Rubio Monocoat?
The contractor of the project discovered Rubio Monocoat on Instagram. He contacted the company, and everything quickly gained momentum. Alexandre of Rubio Monocoat France was able to convince the contractor with the extensive presentation he gave. The wide assortment of colours and the various excellent reviews completely convinced the customer to opt for Rubio Monocoat. 

Why Rubio Monocoat?
The customer was immediately impressed with the various advantages Rubio Monocoat oil offers. During the design phase, the first plusses were revealed, such as the opportunity to create your own colour and the fact that the natural look of the wood is preserved.

During the application of the oil, the customer saved a lot of time, thanks to the one-coat system. Another advantage was that the oil has a good and pleasant scent. It won’t give you a headache. In terms of maintenance, the customer loves Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C! The oil is not only easy to apply but is also easy to maintain.

Would you like to take a look in the concept store “Le Gendre Idéal? It is located at: 11 Rue du Docteur Calmette, 22400 Lamballe.



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