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Towai St House

Project Type:

Interior_Towai St House



Locations :

Auckland, New Zealand


Builder: PHI Construction / Floor layer and finisher: Timber Floor Solutions


Open your doors and let the light in 
Cosy, open and a lot of light; these are the perfect words to describe this house in Auckland, New Zealand. The warm earth tones and modern accents it displays reflect the architecture of New Zealand.

Architecture in New Zealand 
The architecture is very diverse in New Zealand. This is due to the extensive history of this country. There are various influences from Maori, Victorian and neo-Gothic styles, but certainly also from contemporary architecture. In many big cities, such as Auckland, glass and concrete are used a lot. These features also emerge in this house.  

For the floor they chose “Engineered European Oak, light feature grade”, which was finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C. This oil not only ensures that your wood is protected optimally, but also colours the wood in one coat. The owners opted for Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C, colour Castle Brown. This colour provides a warm and cosy look and perfectly complements the furniture in the house.

What is Rubio Monocoat Oil?
The owners of the house were not familiar with Rubio Monocoat Oil, but the contractor, Timber Floor Solutions, had worked with the oil before. They convinced the owners of the advantages of Rubio Monocoat Oil. Timber Floor Solutions were able to give the client certainty that it is a reliable and user-friendly product. In addition, it is also durable and provides a beautiful result. The owners of the house were very happy with the end result.



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